Role Designer / programmer 
April 2012

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The idea of his project is to collect Twitter feeds of what people want. Ever wonder what do people really want, anything for that matter? This project is about wishes represented as thought bubbles floating up and when listening to the thought (a recorded audio file), when touched the bubble animates in relation to the sound frequency and then drops down like a coin splashing into a wishing well. Everything we want began as a thought regardless of whether it becomes a reality or remains just a wish. Dropping a coin into a wishing well is like making a thought tangible through physical action even though this is just a representation being one step closer to your wish.


This project was projected on a 42″ plasma touch screen, using technology from www.multi-touch-screen.com. The programming was done in Processing. Audio used AT&T real voices and manipulation with Audacity and Melodyne.


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