Who are we?

Who are we?

Role Photographer
April 2010


This photographic series will consist of people of various ages and ethnicities writing down words they associate with themselves on post-its then finally sticking them on their body. This project is created to address the outer layer of our identity and how simplistic and superficial some of them could possibly be. As we go through our everyday lives we constantly place labels on ourselves and the people around us such as tall, short, thin, fat, smart, dumb etc… We try to constantly define ourselves as well as things and people around us with labels which creates a filter over who we really are, a layer over ourselves to identify with. People identity and what truly defines a person as well as what does not is important. This project is to create some awareness on who we are and what defines us and perhaps taking a moment to reflect on our identity will influence some positive changes on who you want to be. This project aims on bringing awareness that our identity is more than just a bunch of labels we attach to ourselves and let people think about who they really are under all their labels.


This project was shot frontal center of the subject with the post-its all over the subjects chest. The amount of labels will vary between 1 to 10 based on the subjects and depending on how many labels the subject decided to write themselves. The cropping of the subject will vary. In total twenty subjects will be photographed, ten of each gender and the pictures will be taken in horizontal and vertical orientations. Natural light was used in the majority of these shots. The scenes of each subject will have some relevance to what the person is about whether they identify it on their labels or not. The image format was in 11 x 14 with a 35mm camera but all images have been digitized.


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