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CART 351 – Project 5 FINAL
Final project for CART 351.
CART 351 – Assignment #4
CART 351 - Assignment #4 - Mapping of movies and actors from live website IMDB.
CART 351 – Assignment #3
Assignment #3
Project 2 – Final Showdown
Utilizing the framework of code from the tutorial (or some other iteration, or completely new code) visualize some kind of data. This can be accomplished through the use of html and css (style that text and layout!), javascript or anything else you may venture to use. Focus on the conceptual content of the data and remember that your work can be simple technically yet rich in intent with carefully chosen information or a challenging theme.
Reading #1
Reading 1 overview
CART 351 – Project #1
1st project due - imaginary network(s) - create a cartographic visualization (can be loosely interpreted) of something that interests you, employing the notion of a map or mapping; the caveat being that the map must include some sort of participatory element, screen based or not, it is up to you. Think about the work as a seed for further iterations, something that can be built upon and extended.
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