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The Grid – Final Project
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Final Project (Deliverable 2)
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Final Project
While deciding projects, we were a little torn.   It came down to creating a “just-for-fun” product that could be marketed or something that answered the challenge of “encourag[ing] new types of relationships between humans and/or elements of their environment].   In addressing these two categories, we came up with two possible projects:   Lanterns: A large installation piece, this would require covering a ceiling in dozens of Chinese lanterns.
Assignment 3: Sense
Extreme Marble from Chris Drogaris on Vimeo. [crayon-5a3425d9ab527342893585/] Inspiration: Design exercice 3: Sense The objective of this brief is to create an interactive 2+ players game that uses one or more sensors and one of the following materials: Clay, Yarn, Marbles, Feathers Explore and document the affordances of your selected material. What are its possibilities for action? • When you look at it, what do you think you could do with it? • When ...
Sensor Lab Report (PV Cells): Bullseye!
This video is proof that it works. We hit it 3 times in about 1.5 hours, 3 shots a minute. This project was created with Julia Wolfe. Sensor Name: PV Cells Manufacturer & Part Number: Clare, CPC1822 Researcher Names: Chris Drogaris & Julia Wolfe Image of sensors: Datasheet Main function: Convert light to electrical power. Examples of PV cells in the real world: Solar powered houses, pools.
Assignment 2: Animate (Final)
Jilly the Jelly
Design exercice 2: Animate
With the opportunity to animate, we (Julia Wolfe and I) were primarily interested in creating something beautiful, and something dark. Circuitry is often cold and robotic, it’s very nature is mechanic. But there are several projects that manage to imitate life, and in doing so manage to create something soft and organic. With Jelly we’re looking to create an immersive environment for the viewer.
Assignment #1 Lumiere Rouge
It’s been a pretty turbulent summer in Quebec. For the past seven months, to varying degrees, students and their supporters have been fighting the tuition increase proposed by the Liberal Government. Today, newly designated Premier Pauline Marois canceled the hikes with a ministerial decree. She also announced that funding to universities would not be cut and an academic summit to discuss the details will be announced within 100 days.
Class #2 – Sept 13
Principals of designing interactions and review of user centered design. Due: – Sign-up to the class mailing list – Prepare personal class website – Post progress report on your design exercice 1: Make a switch – Send me an email with your website’s URL – Get required electronics components – Attend a Sensor lab orientation session (to be booked with Elio) – Be prepared to show progress for your Switch
Class #1 Sept 6
BREAKDOWN: Orientation. Basic electricity introduced. NOTES: Class Link:    
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