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Being More Productive
A new year has come. Everyone wants to be more productive. I thought making my first post this year to be about productivity. On average, people spend close to 20% of their time online on social networks. Another 20% on communication / emails. 32 hours spend per month only per user in North America. How to limit yourself on these sites and be more productive online, here are some apps that ...
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Thoughts become things
I have always been interested in success in all areas of ones life. This includes areas of personal growth and wellness whether it is involved with any of the main categories; health, career, education/intelligence, financial, social/relationship/family, spirituality, emotional and environment. One essential aspect of being successful in anyone or all of these areas is setting a detailed goal, creating a plan how to achieve this goal and backing it up with determination, ...
View hidden files on a Mac
View hidden files on a Mac
Shopping Cart Scripts Free, Paid and Monthly Subscription
Shortlist of paid and free shopping carts.
Top free services for freelancers
Top services for freelancers
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