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CART 351 – Project #1

September 11th, 2010

This is the first entry / assignment for the class CART 351 taught by Brad Todd which class website can be found on the following link:

After reading this projects description, I tried to break it down into 3 elements that were required. Here are the elements and a few notes of how I interpreted them:

  1. Cartographic visualization (Visualization of data in some map form)
  2. Map or mapping (Similar to element 1)
  3. Participatory element (Interactive element)

The idea I brainstormed was to create an interactive site with all the countries broken up by the continents they reside on. In addition, if time permitted I wanted to integrate the maps of these countries and the provinces and states as well  into the system. (Update: Time did not permit me to add these features since it took me longer then I thought.)

One more element I wanted was that all the data would come from a database that way it would be easier to update.

I started by searching for data visualization examples on the internet to get some ideas. I then found some flash / javascript libraries to create these interesting data visualizations effects. Here are the links:

I originally wanted to use the flash classes since they offered some more interesting effects, I was unable to since I was having trouble with my software installation. I decided to the the Javascript class from where I used one of their examples as the basis of this work.

Click here to see the link to the final version of project #1.

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